Claims Kiwi children as young as nine are being sex trafficked are being questioned by the Prostitutes’ Collective. A report, released by University of Auckland researcher Natalie Thorburn, claims child sex trafficking is prevalent in New Zealand and children as young as 12 were being exploited for money andContinue Reading

Check out this story from the NZ Herald Android App But the news Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, was an unwitting New Zealand citizen risks bringing down the Malcolm Turnbull Government if he has to leave Parliament. ….. Bishop was accusing Labour of breaching that, and of deliberatelyContinue Reading Employers in New Zealand are legally required to accommodate the specific needs of trans employees, including in use of the facilities. The law states that “an employee should be able to use facilities that match their gender identity, for example: trans women should be able to use a women’sContinue Reading

We welcome the Governments new migrant worker recruitment stand-down periods for employers who breach employment law – NZ Human Rights (@NZHumanRights) February 22, 2017 The Humans Rights Commission has today welcomed the Government’s introduction of migrant worker recruitment stand-down periods for employers who breach immigration and employment law.Continue Reading RSA national support services manager Mark Compain said the general public did not realise how traumatising more recent conflicts had been on defence force staff. Having himself served in Bosnia, East Timor and Afghanistan, Compain was well-aware of the terrible sights witnessed by modern soldiers.Continue Reading He charged them exorbitant fees and then exploited them upon arrival by forcing them to work illegally and live in overcrowded conditions, underpaying them and threatening them with deportation if they complained. The court heard how the workers felt “betrayed” by Ali and how many are still thousands ofContinue Reading

Australian criminals link up in NZ Crimes already committed include sexual offending against a child and armed robbery, documents obtained by the Herald under the Official Information Act reveal. At least 1000 deportees from Australia are expected over five years after a hardline law change in late 2014 sawContinue Reading A proposed register for child sex offenders could increase their chances of re-offending by isolating them from society, organisations with concerns about the plans say. The Government has developed plans for the register to reduce the risk posed by serious child sex offenders, by providing government agencies with theContinue Reading