Arthur Allan Thomas was awarded almost $1 million compensation after being wrongfully convicted for the Crewe murders, but his lawyer says that money “that was his curse”. In her closing address to the jurors at the Manukau District Court on Wednesday, Thomas’ lawyer Marie Dyhrberg QC said two women madeContinue Reading

Rainbow Pavement

Bangladesh has more than 200,000 transgender people, most of whom face discrimination and social ostracisation, according to independent experts. The government puts the number at 10,000. Trans people in Bangladesh often resort to begging and the sex trade in order to survive, as most are forced to flee their homesContinue Reading

Male survivor of sexual abuse.

LewisUniversity Sexual abuse in childhood has serious and lasting psychological consequences. Long term psychological correlates of childhood sexual abuse include depression, suicidal tendencies, sexual dysfunction, self-mutilation, chronic anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociation and memory impairment. Dr. Natalia Tapia, assistant professor of Justice, Law and Public Safety Studies at Lewis University,Continue Reading

Men and women

New research provides evidence of “clear, consistent, and large discrimination” against men in female-dominated occupations in Sweden. The study indicates that women are more likely to receive a response to entry-level job applications than men are. Granberg and his colleagues found that women had higher positive employer response rates thanContinue Reading

Anxiety NZ Helpline 0800 269 4389 (0800 ANXIETY) Anxiety NZ Helpline gives vital support to hundreds of people each month who experience all forms of anxiety, including Panic Attacks, Phobias and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. 24/7 FREE Helpline | Anxiety NZ website What Do We Provide? We will listen and support youContinue Reading

Should You Worry When Your Partner “Needs Some Space?” | Psychology Today Jerry M. Burger, in a piece entitled “Individual Differences in Preference for Solitude,” notes that for some people, being alone is a desirable, pleasant experience, which does not make them lonely, and may actually be beneficial through stimulatingContinue Reading

The Ministry is leading the funding and development of services to support male survivors of sexual abuse and their support networks. Twelve percent of men in Aotearoa New Zealand experience one or more incidents of sexual violence  What is known about effective recovery services for male survivors of sexual abuse?Continue Reading