Peer Support Over Coffee

 each peer supporter has lived experience of sexual abuse

Men contact Better Blokes by email, phone or through someone they know. A peer worker will then contact you to arange an Individual or “Face to Face ” session. This session can be by phone or in person. In the session you explore your erxperiences with a man who has also experienced sexual abuse..

Are the peer workers trained ?

All our workers receive ongoing coaching and training. Training includes IPS ( Intentional Peer Support ) training courses and our own inhouse 5 Day Training Course.

Ccan I get peer support if I am seeing a therapist ?

Peer support is not counselling. You can get peer support while seeing your therapist.

Your peer supporter has lived experience of sexual abuse. Each mans experience of sexual abuse is different but your peer will have walked a similar path.

When can I join a group ?

Each man proceeds at his own pace but generally you will move to group attendance after 8 sessions of individual peer support.