Individual Peer Support

At better Blokes, each person offering support has lived experience  of sexual abuse

Men can contact Better Blokes by email, phone or through someone they know. A peer worker will then contact you to arrange an Individual or “Face to Face” support session. This session can be by phone or in person. Each session is client-centred; what you talk about and the pace and detail are led by you. Explore your experiences with a man who has also experienced sexual abuse.

Are the peer workers trained?

All our peer support workers receive ongoing coaching and training focusing on clients well-being.

Can I get peer support if I am seeing a therapist?

Yes, you can get peer support while seeing your therapist.
Your peer supporter has lived experience, and though each man’s experience is different your peer will have walked a similar path.

When can I join a group?

Each man proceeds at his own pace. You will be given an option to join a group after 4 sessions. If this doesn’t sound like you, there is no obligation to join a group. This is at your own pace and destination.