Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Guidelines : F21

All design and delivery approaches for MSSA Services must include “enabling the long-term recovery and wellbeing of male survivors of sexual abuse” as an ultimate objective.

“enabling the long-term recovery and wellbeing of male survivors of sexual abuse
  • All parties support the development of good practice in the delivery of the service. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • being client focused, involving clients in decisions about the delivery of support theyreceive, and recognising the importance of cultural responsiveness in service delivery
  • designing services and physical facilities in a way that supports accessibility to services for clients
  • using a collaborative approach across services and agencies where possible
  • regularly reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of the service (e.g., through client, staff and external feedback) and changing and modifying practice in response
  • using formal feedback processes for reporting purposes and ensuring that clients areaware of how information they provide will be used
  • providing relevant training, professional development and (where appropriate)supervision, and utilising appropriate resources and support
  • engaging with a ‘community of practice’ to share ideas, information and build professional practice knowledge.