Recruitment stand-down periods for employers who breach employment law

The Humans Rights Commission has today welcomed the Government’s introduction of migrant worker recruitment stand-down periods for employers who breach immigration and employment law. While this may be altered for different countries, it is still important to find solicitors similar to Eatons Solicitors that could help a company or business to ensure that they are following employment law.

Migrant workers are often brought here illegally and forced into terrible working conditions and exploitative labour. Many of these workers are afraid to come forward to law enforcement for fear of deportation back to their country.

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue says the measures are welcomed by the Commission and hopes that this is only the start of actions taken to address migrant labour exploitation in New Zealand.

“Last year, New Zealand saw its first human trafficking conviction and the release of a report that highlighted an urgent need for systems that better monitor and address worker exploitation and protect our migrant workers. We are not immune to human rights abuses,” Dr Blue says.

“Penalising those employers and recruiters who show disregard for our employment and immigration laws is a positive first step towards addressing migrant labour exploitation in New Zealand. It sends a strong message that their actions are not acceptable.”

Recruiters have also been encouraged to utilize recruitment software with an applicant tracking system or similar features to ensure that any migrants they consider for hire have all their paperwork in order. Though the focus has mainly been on employers who often circumvent standard hiring practices to acquire their labour