Linda-Teleo is a 26 year Presbyterian Minister whose Chaplaincy ministries include: Parish, School, Military, Seafarers, Tertiary and Community. One of her community projects – led her to become a researcher – in an historic all pacific led research team of seven pacific ethnic groups, focused on the topic of Sexual Violence Prevention.

Silence to Entrapment and Silence to Empowerment is the main topic of these series of videos. The purpose is to target pacific males who have been sexually abused and support them to disclose and make healthy choices towards their own freedom. Linda shares a process from sexual entrapment and abuse to sexual safety and empowerment.

Pacific values and cherished institutions have been used as tools to create and silence victims. However, Linda-Teleo shows how silence can be used to create safety and new pathways toward self fulfillment, growth and new possibilities which restore individuals, families, communities, churches and the land.

Today we can choose to convert our story of silent suffering into a new space of discovery towards peace.