Without context, it’s difficult for AI to detect behaviours and language that are harmful to users. NSW Police want access to Tinder’s sexual assault data. Cybersafety experts explain why it’s a date with disaster (theconversation.com) There’s no evidence to suggest that granting police access to sexual assault reports will increaseContinue Reading


x Perfectionist cognitions include expectations about achieving perfection such as, “I can’t stand to make mistakes.” Perfectionistic cognitions appear to play a key role in clinical anxiety (psypost.org) Perfectionism involves a desire to perform to the highest standards without allowing room for failure. People with perfectionist beliefs tend to beContinue Reading


“Let go, let it happen, keep it simple, be kind, and enjoy life.” Wu Wei: 4 Simple Steps to Mastering the Taoist Art of Actionless Action (unbrokenself.com) We are responsible for our actions but not for the results of our actions. Why? Because every result in life is dependent notContinue Reading

Apple and chalkboard.

Research shows that self-talk may help the brain perform better. In experiments designed to measure cognitive performance, participants read instructions and then do the task. Some participants read their instructions silently, others out loud. Results generally show that reading aloud helps us sustain concentration and improves our performance. Why Should You Talk to Yourself?Continue Reading

Social media as medication

Do you seek reassurances from your virtual friends? Do you use social media for emotional escape?  Why Knowing Our Attachment Style Matters In The Digital Age | Psychology Today 1. Practice mindfulness in interactions. Do you often feel insecure with a romantic partner or feel anger and distrust with your best friend? Do youContinue Reading

Peer support is balancing stones.

help people get through difficult periods by providing support; relating to them; offering genuine empathy, trust, and acceptance Peer support for people with psychiatric illness: A comprehensive review – Oxford Medicine (malesurvivor.nz) Peer supporters help promote self-efficacy or belief in one’s own abilities by sharing experiential knowledge and by modelingContinue Reading