In this weeks episode, Fred sits down to talk to Simon Johnson and John Young from an organisation called ‘Better Blokes’. They provide one on one and peer support services for men that are survivors of sexual abuse. If you or someone you know have gone through something similar andContinue Reading

A journey to connect, talk, meet, receive support and inspire other male survivors. I know the cold, inky depths of silence. I shut down and isolated from the world after it happened to me. Reading

Research on female sexual assault dominates research on adult sexual violence (Turchik & Edwards, 2012). This is understandable given most survivors of sexual assault are women. In contrast, research on male survivors of sexual assault (hereafter ‘male rape’) has been considerably less common (Javaid, 2018; Turchik & Edwards, 2012). ThisContinue Reading

Whatever your story, the important thing is to speak up and share. horror, secrecy and shame, but it’s also tempered with hope, insight and healing. Reading