Research done right here in Aotearoa Based on information drawn from the long-running Dunedin Study, which has followed the lives of around 1,000 people since they were born in the early 1970s, our research confirms the long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse and the lifelong challenges survivors might face. Reading

There is hope and healing can be done One way to change the “orientation” of our brains away from trauma is to have new experiences that directly contradict the negative experiences it previously seemed to cling to Reading

New research report is out – 52 male survivors were interviewed “Male survivors can take many years to both reach out for help and report sexual violence and abuse.” Reading

The psychological effects of abuse are often the worst. By joining a survivor group you can talk with others who understand. “impossible not to be moved by the statements from the survivors” Reading

Promising news and also more work to be done The Catholic Church in New Zealand says it will change the way it responds to sexual abuse, including mandatory reporting to police in cases involving young people. Reading