The best way to avoid being abused and gaslighted as too sensitive is to limit or end contact with the person or people abusing you. But if you are currently unable to leave an abusive situation, there are strategies that can put you on better footing.  Stop explaining yourself. The pathological narcissist thrives onContinue Reading

Grief is a complicated and personal thing that everyone experiences differently. That’s why, if someone else is the one grieving, it can be hard to know what to say to them. During such a painful and sensitive time, no one wants to say the wrong thing and make matters worse,Continue Reading


Indeed, anxiety would not exist without one of the great achievements of human evolution—our ability to imagine and mentally inhabit the uncertain and unknowable future. When anxiety propels us into the future tense, we are often smarter, more focused, and more goal-oriented so that we can snap into action ifContinue Reading

The Homestead Otaki

Thursday 18 March – Sunday 21 March 2021 Peter Crosland – cell 027-281-6272 Email: Stephen Harrison – cell 021-55-450 Email: This Summer 2021 Weekend for Men will be held at the Homestead at Forest Lakes just north of Otaki on the Kapiti Coast. The Homestead can comfortably accommodateContinue Reading

This bill amends the Evidence Act 2006, Victims’ Rights Act 2002, and Criminal Procedure Act 2011 to reduce the retraumatisation victims of sexual violence may experience when they attend court and give evidence. Sexual Violence Legislation Bill – New Zealand Parliament ( Alternative ways of giving evidence in sexual violenceContinue Reading

Next is the ruminative quality of fear. Fear makes us review, ceaselessly and tortuously, all its frightening possibilities. This is connected to the hypnosis and the lie of fear. Not only do we have to stare at and be aware of all the possible threats at once, we must keepContinue Reading

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One line of thinking, for instance, posits that we assess potential mates against an internal threshold of preferred qualities and attributes — a “minimum bar,” that they have to meet to be considered a potential partner. “And we learn where that minimum bar is based on how other people treatContinue Reading