IPS encourages the use of ‘Discomfort’ Agreements, moreso that ‘Comfort’ Agreements. This is because learning new things is often uncomfortable. New learning usually requires sincere effort and a willingness to stretch beyond the known into the unknown. The IPS Discomfort Agreement acknowledges this challenge, as well as the temptationContinue Reading Physical signs such as: Unexplained bruises, welts, cuts and abrasions Unexplained fractures or dislocations Burn marks Other signs: No clear explanation for any of the above Behavioural concerns such as emotional withdrawal, aggression or anxiety Developmental delays, changes or signs The child talking about or subtly mentioning things thatContinue Reading

Expert psychiatrist breaks down “rape myths” at Harvey Weinstein’s sex-crimes trial: “Sometimes women will have subsequent contact with the perpetrator because they can’t really believe that this happened to them,” Dr. Barbara Ziv explained — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) January 24, 2020 Buecker and her colleagues found that lonely people tended to be more introverted and neurotic and somewhat less agreeable and conscientious than less lonely people on average. “This meta-analysis aggregated studies including measures of broader personality traits and loneliness that were conducted over the last 38 years. We foundContinue Reading

Another 21 new District Court judges have been appointed in a move the government says is to improve access to justice and boost diversity in NZ’s courts. They include 10 Māori judges, eight Pākehā, one Māori/Chinese and two Samoan – 12 of them are women. — RNZ (@radionz) January 21,Continue Reading