Promising news and also more work to be done The Catholic Church in New Zealand says it will change the way it responds to sexual abuse, including mandatory reporting to police in cases involving young people. Reading

Talking with another man is one effective way to get out of your head and start the recovery process “…. many survivors of sexual assault and abuse withdraw … then spend long periods inside their own head with only those strong negative thoughts and feelings as company. This can quicklyContinue Reading

Poutoa Papali’i, of Better Blokes South Auckland, shares his experience of being on the ground at the rugby with teams and supporters from around the nation attending the tournament this last Saturday. I was fortunate to be able to promote Better Blokes Male Survivors. The event organizers provided me withContinue Reading

Male Survivors Aotearoa publishes part one of a research study on effective support services for male suriviors of sexual violence. Part two is expected to be published by mid 2023. Reading

Ohio (as in last week’s post) or NZ, regrettably stories of abuse are widespread He faces over 26 charges in relation to alleged offending against six boys between the 1980s and 2010s. Reading