It is common for friends and families – and even organisatons – to disbelieve children who say they have been sexually abused (even though it is extremely rare for children to make up abuse allegations) and instead back abusers. This mother did not allow adversity to stop her fromContinue Reading

On your phone and missing out on life’s moments? Now may be a time to reflect on usage patterns and consider what connections are most helpful. As modern life has grown more distanced through technological innovation, our opportunities for deep, intimate moments have dwindled. Reading

Te Aorerekura sets a collective ambition to create peaceful homes where children, families and whānau thrive; to enable safe communities where all people are respected; and to support the wellbeing of our nation. It represents an evolution in our journey to address violence in our homes and communities. Source:Continue Reading

UPDATE 14 February 2022: New Zealand’s COVID-19 Protection Framework (‘traffic light system’) is now in place. Courts have implemented protocols that guide court operations under all stages of the Framework. Courts remain an essential service throughout all COVID-19 restrictions, but may operate differently. Since Sunday 23 January 2022, all of AotearoaContinue Reading

Calling out fear – survivors often internalise the fear they’ve seen. It’s important to find a safe place to talk and rebuild confidence. Survivor advocate Ken Clearwater has been helping victims of abuse for 25 years and believes Marylands was among the worst of the Catholic institutions. Reading

Reaching out for help takes courage. Acknowledge your bravery irrelevant of the outcome; and don’t forget to keep connecting with support throughout the process. “Changing that mindset from being an insurance company to being a company that’s helping people recover.” Reading

Being heard, being acknowledged – powerful steps towards building trust and confidence. The government intends to create a new, independent redress system for survivors of abuse in state care and faith-based institutions. Its exact design is yet to be decided, but will be developed in collaboration with survivors, Māori, PacificContinue Reading

Receiving external validation is a big helper in moving past the secrecy, shame and guilt almost always felt by victims of sexual abuse. “There is enormous power in stating expressly what you want to criminalise, because that in itself provides an educative function, that in itself empowers victims to beContinue Reading

The roads to recovery are many and varied but we all share in its difficulty and the many obstacles. Remember to reach out for support and find those who understand to help you along the way. Two sexual assault victims say ACC discouraged them from making claims and failed toContinue Reading