Clues And Indicators Of Sexual Abuse

If you have only one or two of these do not assume you have been sexually abused. If you have several of these, use them as possible indicators. Talk to a professional or Better Blokes

Anger after sexual activity
Anxiety from unknown source
Avoid being touched
Dissociation and lack of focus
Feel secretive about yourself
Guilt and confusion
Have many affairs 
Impaired relationships 
Intense shame and worthlessness
Low self-esteem and negative self-image 
Needy of sexual attention
Outbursts of hostility and anger 
Patterns of sleep disturbance 
Problems with intimacy 
Self-exclude from children
Sexual dysfunction 
Sexual identity confusion
Sexual problems, compulsions, or dysfunctions 
Social hiding or attacking verbally/physically
Strong anger responses of child sex abuse
Substance abuse and drugs
Suicidal ideas and plans
Symptoms of PTSD
Upset by the abuse of others