Peer to Peer Support

Peer to peer support even works for business growth

Kevin Brent, founder and managing director of BizSmart, explained: “According to research peer-to-peer business support enables businesses to advance growth by two to three times their normal levels. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that 90% of business owners have found peer-to-peer support instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a further 80% believe business owners UK wide would find it helpful.

And that’s not all the support that is out there during this time. There are plenty of tools online that can aid the unique needs of all kinds of businesses. This could be to do with finance, IT support, even employee management. Some businesses are even looking for the best PEO in California or in their location to grow their business. At the end of the day, it is almost impossible for a business not to use tools or accept help either in the marketing sector or by using managed it service providers, because this is the only way to succeed. So that is why this launch means a lot to so many companies.

“In launching the new BizSmart Franchise model, we not only look forward to working closely with aspiring business support professionals looking to grow and develop their own individual Franchise, but also to extending our proven business support programmes to businesses across the country, particularly during this difficult period.”