“So, this is sexual abuse?” – News


“So, this is sexual abuse?” is a new child-friendly booklet for teenagers (aged 12 and up), to explore some of the ways in which sexual abuse and exploitation of children can occur today. The main message of the publication is that children are not alone when they have questions. Whether they are concerned about certain behaviours, have questions about their right to say no or what to do when sexually explicit pictures or images are shared online, the aim of the booklet is to provide some useful advice and information to children and adults in order to access support to deal with these questions. The booklet provides insight into the stories of several young people and raises awareness about the substantive and procedural provisions of the Lanzarote Convention in an accessible way.

This publication was developed in the context of the EndOCSEA@Europe project,with Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation and the participation of children. The group was consulted three times to develop the questions that are addressed, the scenarios, and dialogues included. A report on the production process of the booklet will be published shortly.