Most perpetrators of SV against males are white, heterosexual men, and married or in long-term relationships with women. Male survivors of sexual assault and abuse | Columns | taosnews.com One of the most under-reported crimes in the U.S. is sexual assault/abuse (SV) of boys and men. Whether because of shame,Continue Reading

Male survivor of sexual abuse.

LewisUniversity Sexual abuse in childhood has serious and lasting psychological consequences. Long term psychological correlates of childhood sexual abuse include depression, suicidal tendencies, sexual dysfunction, self-mutilation, chronic anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociation and memory impairment. Dr. Natalia Tapia, assistant professor of Justice, Law and Public Safety Studies at Lewis University,Continue Reading


These women came a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and relationships. But they all had one thing in common. “They were people who had really integrated themselves into people’s lives,” Stevens said. “Grooming these boys in childhood into what would become sexual relationships later on.” These female perpetrators, Stevens says challengeContinue Reading

People who were sexually abused as a child were three times more likely than others to try to kill themselves, according to the new study in Psychological Medicine. Childhood abuse increases risk of adult suicide, finds research | Mental health | The Guardian People who experienced sexual, physical or emotionalContinue Reading

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survivors able to find strong corroboration of their recovered memories Participants reporting any type of childhood abuse demonstrated elevated levels of dissociative symptoms that were significantly higher than those in subjects not reporting abuse. Higher dissociative symptoms were correlated with early age at onset of physical and sexual abuse andContinue Reading

Help Auckland 0800 623 1700 Research points to a child’s home environment as a key factor in recovery. Early intervention of specialist services can make the difference between a family that is able to develop an emotionally safe home environment that both heals and prevents future abuse, versus a family that leavesContinue Reading