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You can definitely have better self-esteem. No question, sexual abuse damages your good feelings about yourself as much as it damages trust. But, if you choose a psychotherapist who specializes in sexual abuse and understands not only its conscious effects but also what you can’t know about yourself, you canContinue Reading

For men who have experienced sexual violence, confusion and uncertainty around intimacy is understandable, if you consider how some people who perpetrate sexual abuse invest considerable time and effort in getting to know a child, to build trust and a sense of intimacy in order to commit sexual abuse. TheContinue Reading

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survivors able to find strong corroboration of their recovered memories Participants reporting any type of childhood abuse demonstrated elevated levels of dissociative symptoms that were significantly higher than those in subjects not reporting abuse. Higher dissociative symptoms were correlated with early age at onset of physical and sexual abuse andContinue Reading

Help Auckland 0800 623 1700 Research points to a child’s home environment as a key factor in recovery. Early intervention of specialist services can make the difference between a family that is able to develop an emotionally safe home environment that both heals and prevents future abuse, versus a family that leavesContinue Reading

Are You Being Gaslighted By a Narcissist? | Psychology Today Your gaslighter may have personality traits, or a personality disorder, which is not narcissism but which stems from a point of past trauma and fear. For instance, if your partner has abandonment issues, they may find all kinds of manipulative ways of making you stayContinue Reading She said it had “shattered everything she believed about love and trust” and the offending had not been a mistake or an accident, it had been intentional. She had since made multiple attempts to take her life. “I will never understand why you did this to me, like youContinue Reading

SOME OF THE SIGNS You may be worried about the wellbeing of a child or young person, but feel unsure about whether to let someone know. Every family is different, and signs of neglect or abuse can be hard to categorise. It’s normal to feel uncertain. But if you notice aContinue Reading — Better Blokes (@BetterBlokesNZ) April 5, 2020 A new report from Israeli online child protection startup L1ght — previously AntiToxin Technologies — has uncovered a host of toxic content hiding within the popular GIF-sharing community, including illegal child abuse content, depictions of rape and other toxic imagery associated with topics likeContinue Reading