Donald Trump Is Standing by His Comments on Sexual Assault in … Understanding how military culture might encourage sexual violence, and advocating for change there, is critical to curbing the occurrence of assaults.Continue Reading

Sexual assaults on children rising in the Bay Almost 100 children under the age of 12 report being sexually assaulted in the Bay of Plenty every year – and experts say this is only a fraction of the problem. New figures revealed to The Bay of Plenty Times showedContinue Reading

Motel murder claim: Victim sexually assaulted his murder-accused “Sunny [Gillman-Harris’ nickname] sexually violated Lenny in that room. He held one hand on his throat and he placed the other hand on his penis,” Gibson said. “It must be terrifying to be choked, strangulated and violated.” Gibson said Gillman-Harris’ planContinue Reading

Woman chases man after sexual assault Shared from Google News & Weather He chose the wrong woman to mess with. Former Nelson woman Renee Ker was on an early morning jog last week in Cairns when she was grabbed from behind. “A bike came up behind me and thisContinue Reading–a-growing-problem Auckland has almost double the national average of reported sexual assault victimisations in New Zealand. According to police figures released under the Official Information Act, there were 20.89 victimisations per 10,000 people in Auckland Central Area, compared with the national rate of 10.92 during 2015. Eastern Bay of PlentyContinue Reading Abuse erodes women’s self-esteem and leaves them more vulnerable to exploitation if they manage to run away and end up homeless, said Judith Benitez, deputy director for transitional housing at the network, based in Washington, D.C. “It’s like a carousel,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what horse you getContinue Reading “You don’t want to be rude, you don’t want to be weird,” he said. “Definitely there’s an awkwardness to saying no.” When his friends saw what was happening, they moved the party elsewhere, and he was left alone with a girl he didn’t know. He knew he didn’t wantContinue Reading