Your role was a pastoral one … you have seriously compromised your obligations.

The Blenheim teacher who admitted sexually abusing two schoolboys has abandoned a bid to keep her identity a secret and can now be named.

Jaimee Marie Cooney (37) is understood to be the first female teacher in New Zealand convicted and sentenced for sexual offending against students.

And it was confirmed in court that Cooney – the wife of a police officer and mother of two – did not dispute having sexual relationships with other older boys.

But she has not been charged with any further offences to date.

In December the 37-year-old was sentenced in the Blenheim District Court to two years and six months in jail for her offending.

She was also placed on the child sex offender’s register.

She had earlier pleaded guilty to a raft of charges relating to two teenage boys who she sexually abused, often in cars parked in public places, and in school lunch breaks.