Research has repeatedly shown that race is not a scientifically valid concept. Across the world, humans share 99.9% of their DNA. The characteristics that have come to define our popular understanding of race — hair texture, skin colour, facial features — represent only a few of the thousands ofContinue Reading\ Apriel Jolliffe Simpson spends her days wading through hundreds of family violence reports. At last count, there were more than 2000 case files from the Waikato and Canterbury regions, from November last year. The Hamilton PhD student is looking to identify risk-factors, and the nature of the incident, toContinue Reading

INITIATIVE DESCRIPTION This initiative aims to increase wellbeing by reducing the severity and duration of trauma-related symptoms experienced by male victims/survivors of sexual violence. This will be done through providing funding to continue and expand services for male victims/ survivors of sexual violence, through expanding current access to peer supportContinue Reading

The Telegraph: Polish Catholic Church expects ‘wave’ of child sex abuse reports after the release of the film on paedophilia. Poland’s Catholic Church says it is expecting a “wave” of reports of child sex abuse by priests as it struggles to cope with the impact of a new film onContinue Reading

Radio New Zealand: Bullying ‘intolerably high’ and beyond schools’ direct control – ERO. The report – which surveyed 10,940 in 136 schools at the beginning of last year – said nearly half of primary school children and a third of teenagers reported being bullied in the past month when theyContinue Reading