Porn addiction can hamper mental health Shared from Google News & Weather The researchers found that those who believed they had an addiction to pornography also experienced psychological issues, like depression, anger, and anxiety. However, this was not a result of watching porn itself, but rather it was aContinue Reading A new study in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors has found that perceived addiction to pornography—that is, “feeling addicted to Internet pornography irrespective of actual pornography use”—is associated with forms of psychological distress including depression, anxiety, anger, and stress. Pornography use itself, the authors found, was “relatively unrelatedContinue Reading It doesn’t matter how often you watch porn. What matters is whether or not you think you have an uncontrollable problem, according to a recent study published in the Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, a peer-reviewed journal. Perceived addiction to X-rated material is a better predictor of psychological distress thanContinue Reading

Porn Addiction Is a Public Health Crisis; Causes Violence, Sexual Dysfunction … Shared from Google News & Weather “Pornography leads to increased violence against women, sexual dysfunction among young men and lifelong addictions. The child pornography epidemic is overwhelming jails, increasing divorce rates, and the sexual templates of youngContinue Reading

The high cost of Australia's addiction to 'pokies' #gamblingnewsintl — Problem Gambling Fnd (@PGFNZ) July 27, 2015 By far the biggest problem is slot machines, of which there are more than 200,000 across Australia. “Pokies are the biggest revenue generator,” says Dr Gainsbury. “Around two-thirds of all gambling lossesContinue Reading