Sexual activity can become problematic behavior if it interferes with a person’s ability to keep promises, violates personal values, feels beyond personal control, or continues despite negative consequences. Like shopping and sex, video games have become an activity that people use to manage distress or cope with the rest ofContinue Reading Addiction is a condition in which a person engages in the use of a substance or in a behavior for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite detrimental consequences. Addiction may involve the use of substances such as alcohol, inhalants, opioids, cocaine,Continue Reading

Dr. Willenbring is especially distressed about patients who are treated for opioid addiction, then relapse in part because they are not given maintenance therapy with the drug Suboxone. “We have some pretty good drugs to help people with addiction problems, but doctors don’t know how to use them,” he said.Continue Reading

“It’s not about the kind of sex you have, who you have it with or even how often you have it,” explained certified sex addiction therapist Robert Weiss. “We don’t base the definition of alcoholism on the type of alcohol someone drinks. Like alcoholism, the sex addiction diagnosis is basedContinue Reading Laurie Couch first joined the Affected by Addiction Support Group, a closed Facebook group with 70,000 members, she felt a sense of belonging. Here were people who understood her struggle to care for a son addicted to drugs, and they were there to support her, any time of theContinue Reading

But first, a question for you: Would you like to be smarter, more empathetic, and have better relationships? The majority of you would probably say yes. What if I told you you could improve all those things for free, with just one small act? Now you’re perhaps both intrigued and suspicious. IContinue Reading A New Zealand woman’s story of sex addiction. As a result, sex therapists tend not to talk about sexual “addiction”, says Dr. Karen Faisandier, a clinical psychologist based in Wellington. For her PhD research, Faisandier studied a group of 10 men who were seeking therapy for their sexualContinue Reading