10 Online Fundraising Best Practices

1. Know online fundraising trends.

In 2015 online giving grew 9% while overall giving grew 2%. Small and medium-sized NGOs are experiencing the largest growth in online giving. The average online gift in 2015 was $110.
Online giving only accounts for 8-9% of all giving, but it is growing steadily each year.
Donors of all generations are shifting to online giving, but Gen X is most likely to give online. They are also the generation that volunteers the most. NGOs should pay more attention to Gen X donors who donate an average of $465 annually.

2. Use a premium donation service.

To maximize online donations, your donation service should offer donation pages that have: 1) the design and branding of your nonprofit’s website; 2) are mobile-compatible; and 3) offer tribute and monthly giving options.
Others options: crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, Fundraising Cards, event registration and ticketing, database integration, advocacy, and online stores.