There is no specific allegation that any new claim of abuse has been precipitated by memories regained as a result of this therapy. But memory researchers are concerned. A surprising number of practitioners in the UK still use recovered-memory therapy, and as more people come forward with claims ofContinue Reading Myers underwent recovered-memory therapy, which coaches people into “remembering” things from their past, often while hypnotised or under the influence of strong tranquilisers. The approach is now shunned by most mainstream professionals because of the danger of creating false memories – leading patients to recall events that didn’t actuallyContinue Reading Dr. Leonard explains that traumatic memories stay fragmented because of the psychological state in a moment of panic. Those memories cannot be stored in long-term memory until there’s a cohesive “narrative” of what happened. Leonard says talking to a therapist or addressing the situation calmly and emphatically can helpContinue Reading If you are trying to remember something vital you have forgotten, get a good night’s sleep. It is well known that sleep boosts memory, but scientists have shown for the first time it also makes it easier to retrieve nuggets of information that may have got lost in aContinue Reading

Coffee lovers, rejoice: Caffeine has a positive effect on memory: — Dr. Leonard Gordon (@drlengordon) October 6, 2014 Recent Johns Hopkins University research indicates that caffeine may enhance long-term memory. Participants who were given 200-miligram caffeine tablets after studying a series of images were better at distinguishing these sameContinue Reading