Scientific literature has described psychological abuse over two-and-a-half decades ago, yet MacMillan states that it has remained under-recognized and under-reported and that the impact of psychological child abuse “can be as harmful as other types of maltreatment.” Psychological maltreatment has an impact on the development of children. Psychological abuse isContinue Reading

A 10-year-old student has been stabbed at a South Auckland school. The incident happened at Pacific Christian School – a primary and intermediate school – this morning. Do you know more? Send your story, photos or video here. The student was stabbed with scissors during a fight, a school managerContinue Reading

In this article in the in the Sydney Morning Herald ( below) artist MIc Eales talks about his own experience of attempted suicide and his work in suicide prevention. Psychological pain is self perpetuating. Psychological disturbance causes dysfunctional behaviour that causes further psychological pain. This pain results in compensating orContinue Reading