Psychotherapy in (and of) Everyday Life

Many years ago my brother confronted me at a family dinner. He had overheard my conversation with my sister-in-law and observed, “You have a knack for finding a person’s Achilles’ Heel.” Without delving into specifics, I admit that I wasn’t aware of this nasty habit. And I realized that in this instant, he had functioned as my psychotherapist!

By contrast, Ms. Y. blocked out information provided by those around her. When a friend tried to advise her, Ms. Y. refused to listen. Instead she became angry at her friend. A year later, Ms. Y. was devastated to learn that her friend had tried to warn her of her boyfriend’s infidelity.

You ask, how, where and when can we benefit/take advantage of such free lessons? We simply need to open our minds — to allow ourselves to review or question, to replay conversations in our minds. Most often, no pen or paper or computer is needed. We can reflect as we simultaneously move through the day, as we walk, ride, eat, or even sleep and dream.

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