Shielded for Decades, a Yoga Leader’s Alleged Sexual Abuse Finally Comes Under Fire by Matthew Remski in @genmag — Better Blokes (@BetterBlokesNZ) March 12, 2020 “There’s a deeply troubling pattern of sexual misconduct within our community,” Roche said, “a pattern that touches almost every tradition in modern yoga. EveryContinue Reading

Brisbane military veterans turn to yoga to ease post traumatic stress disorder Mr Stevenson began practising yoga as a coping mechanism and became a qualified instructor in November last year. He introduced free classes for both veterans and emergency service workers to help bring peace to his peers. “IContinue Reading Yoga has become the latest victim of political correctness on university campuses, after a free class was cancelled because of complaints that the lessons were an unaceptable “cultural appropriation” of a non-Western practice. Jennifer Scharf, a yoga practitioner who has offered free weekly sessions to students at the UniversityContinue Reading