The washroom has three urinal blocks — The Indian Express (@IndianExpress) August 12, 2017 The ‘upper class’ waiting room at Pune railway station, for passengers of air-conditioned compartments, has quite a few facilities. It has comfortable seats, a television to entertain the passengers and another to inform them about theContinue Reading

Women Are Posting Pictures to Challenge a Stereotype About PTSD The idea started with a disappointing online search. While researching for a piece about trigger warnings, Cissy White realized when she searched for images under “post-traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD), the top results showed exclusively men in uniform. Given that women are more thanContinue Reading The women scattered across the U.S. and Canada who call themselves Honey Badgers have no true affiliation with the ferocious carnivorous mammals, nor with the viral nature mockumentary meme. They are, in fact, a group of concerned individuals who have banded together to stand up to a society thatContinue Reading

Major differences between women and men who commit deadly violence — (@PsyPost) November 29, 2016 The researchers were able to see several differences between men and women who committed deadly violence. “There were more pronounced differences between male and female perpetrators with adult victims compared with when theContinue Reading His half-baked proposal on maternity leave only applies to women who have given birth. This proposal, like his whole campaign, leaves out an entire swath of people in America who don’t fit his narrow version of what makes a family. It doesn’t respect the needs of fathers, or adoptiveContinue Reading Isolation is the most significant issue in the lives of rural women, and traditional rural women’s groups are unable to fill that void. That was the finding of a student research project from the Lincoln University-run Kellogg’s Rural Leadership Programme by NZ Young Farmers communication manager Nadine Porter. Fifty-sevenContinue Reading It all started when Kirsten Powers of USA Today asked Donald Trump about the other appalling, victim-blaming comments he’s made about the more than 20 women, including former anchor Gretchen Carlson, who said they were sexually harassed by former Fox CEO Roger Ailes. Trump said last month that heContinue Reading