Humor me for a moment—read through this list and tell me if any of it applies to you: You consistently fall into boring conversation topics because they’re “safe” and shallow and you don’t have to risk offending or inciting anyone with them. You’re stuck in a job or lifestyleContinue Reading

Vulnerability is NOT oversharing. Vulnerability is MUTUAL. That means the person with which you are sharing is also bearing her soul (maybe not in that exact moment, but sometime in the friendship). Vulnerability is about sharing feelings and experiences with people who have EARNED the right to hear them. PeopleContinue Reading Your shadows are one aspect of your character. When healed, you realise the completeness of your being. Therefore, become a student of vulnerability by taking small risks. This act of self-renewal shines a light on your fractured parts, and is brought to your awareness and seen for what theyContinue Reading

TEDx Talks Published on 5 Apr 2017 We are a society of secret keepers; everything from addiction to masturbation, sexual assault and bullying and these secrets are killing us. They cause major health issues such as PTSD, heart disease, mental illness and can even lead to suicide. But there isContinue Reading