A New Zealand mosquito species could carry the zika virus according to preliminary Brazilian research. Brazilian scientists have found one of the 15 species in this country can be infected with the virus in the laboratory. More studies were being done to find out whether the mosquitoes could transmitContinue Reading There is limited evidence to suggest the virus can be sexually transmitted however the local public health service is continuing to investigate how the woman became infected. There is also the possibility she was bitten by an infected mosquito brought into the country in her partner’s luggage. The riskContinue Reading At the Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust (CCST), a groundbreaking flu vaccine study may hold the answer to stemming the Zika crisis. An international pharmaceutical company has contracted the CCST to test the efficiency of a new oral influenza tablet. The vaccine has been tested on the two strains ofContinue Reading

Suspected Ebola case on Gold Coast Pic: Reuters — News (@NZStuff) September 10, 2014 A man feared to have contracted the potentially deadly Ebola virus is being rushed to the Gold Coast University Hospital, according to reports. The man, from Southport on the Gold Coast, has justContinue Reading Scientists are racing to begin the first human safety tests of two experimental Ebola vaccines. A vaccine developed by researchers at the National Institutes of Health has been fast-tracked by regulators and is expected to begin its first human safety trial this fall. The vaccine is based on aContinue Reading