Our circle of existence limits us and those around us. If you have never been attacked, or you don’t have a ton of experience hearing from and witnessing the experiences of friends and intimates who are victims, that absence of personal experience limits the accuracy of your view. Also,Continue Reading About 83 percent of the kids in the study found the gun, and most of them played with it. Of the kids who found it, 27 percent immediately gave it to the experimenter and the experimenter took it out of the room. Of the remaining 58 percent of kidsContinue Reading

Physical aggressiveness linked to gray matter deficits in brain region, study finds — (@PsyPost) October 25, 2017 “Human violence is baggage we should have left in the Paleolithic era,” remarked study author David S. Chester, an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. “However, people keep hurting each otherContinue Reading He threatened to strangle her, stalked her, broke into her home, would text death threats to her, shoved furniture into her, dragged her through the house and spat on her. The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, told 1 NEWS she finally wanted to speak out. “There wasContinue Reading

Major differences between women and men who commit deadly violence — (@PsyPost) November 29, 2016 The researchers were able to see several differences between men and women who committed deadly violence. “There were more pronounced differences between male and female perpetrators with adult victims compared with when theContinue Reading