Newshub: Melbourne vegan café that charged men 18 percent surcharge to reflect the pay gap closes down. “When we opened Handsome Her in 2018, we expected that perhaps we might make a stir through our brazen and public discussions of structural inequality,” the café announced on Facebook. “The man taxContinue Reading A YouTube star who claimed to cure her cancer and homosexuality with a raw vegan diet has died, her niece said. Mari Lewis was one half of the YouTube vlogging duo Liz and Mari, with her niece Liz Johnson. They had 11,775 subscribers and uploaded videos about avoiding traditionalContinue Reading In Switzerland, local residents have a say in a person’s passport application in Switzerland. Ms Holten’s first attempt at naturalisation was made in 2015, when she was approved by local authorities but rejected by 144 out of 206 residents in a vote. “I think I was too strident andContinue Reading

Vegan bodybuilders are taking over the scene – News (@NZStuff) October 22, 2014 A Blenheim man’s diet of brown rice flakes, beans and protein powder paid off when he came second in a national bodybuilding competition. Brayden Green, 21, took the second spot in the junior divisionContinue Reading