Early in a romantic relationship, our emotional and sexual attraction is often strong. We may be baffled about why it fades over time, perhaps concluding that this isn’t the right partner. Our dissatisfaction and confusion may prompt us to end the relationship or stray mindlessly into an affair. OneContinue Reading We found that the most trusted religious group in New Zealand is a small non-Christian group: Buddhists. In the most recent 2013 Census 58,000 Buddhists are recorded, out of about 3.9 million people who replied to the religious question. More people feel positively about Buddhists than not – 35Continue Reading

A question of confidence: the countries with the most trusted governments — World Economic Forum (@wef) December 19, 2017 Trusting our government is in our own interest because it supports economic growth. The more people trust their government the more they are likely to invest and spend, whichContinue Reading