Here’s a few tips for dealing with them and getting out of their cross-hairs: 1. Don’t diss the narcissist! While it’s very tempting to insult narcissists right back and tell them how stupid they are and what losers they really are, this doesn’t help. Surprisingly, they can’t handle thatContinue Reading

ABC News: Trolls understand what hurts people but they simply don’t care. Cognitive empathy is the ability to recognise and understand other people’s emotions. But affective empathy is the ability to experience and internalise other people’s emotions. Put simply, cognitive empathy is the ability to predict how anotherContinue Reading In 2014, three Canadian researchers ran online personality assessments on 1200 people through a survey to examine their internet commenting styles. It was found that trolling strongly associates with seeking pleasure from an act of cruelty. We call it sadism, but here we’d call it ‘everyday sadism’, giving itContinue Reading Underneath, the entire thread is largely support and encouragement, with other survivors—and their spouses or friends—explaining that recovery isn’t just possible, but manageable. People tell their own stories and share tips about how to have sexual interaction without pushing any of a survivor’s buttons. Despite the ample media andContinue Reading