Parkinson took his case to the Court of Appeal, which issued its decision on Monday. Although Parkinson did not deny his offending, he wanted his sentence reduced. His lawyer said the sentencing judge started too high compared with similar cases and over-egged the offending, and also failed to makeContinue Reading Other ships have sailed, too. As far as public opinion goes, Cosby has already lost the presumption of innocence that is expected to govern the courtroom. Constand first reported the alleged assault in January, 2005; the Montgomery County district attorney dismissed the case a month later, but Constand lodgedContinue Reading So a few weeks after David’s death, she began seeing a cognitive behavioral therapist at the University of Oklahoma. He diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, a condition characterized by flashbacks, feelings of hopelessness, and emotional numbing that affects 8 million U.S. adults (81 percent of themContinue Reading