This scenario might be convenient for a storyline, but nothing is further from the truth. Clients are not cars, and therapists aren’t mechanics. Clients are active participants while therapists help them face and uncover whatever is bothering them. That process takes time and can be initially difficult and painful.Continue Reading While convenient for the novel or television show to have a character “fixed” in a session or two, it doesn’t work that way in real life. The average session is around 50 to 60 minutes and the first session is basically an intake and getting acquainted session. To get toContinue Reading Even worse, when sexually abused males do choose to talk about their abuse, they don’t always garner the empathetic and supportive response they need, because all of us—even therapists—are trapped in the man rules to some degree. Even highly trained clinicians have societally influenced expectations, sometimes thinking that sexuallyContinue Reading Horse Sense works with the dynamics of the horse and human interaction, where we help create a sense of unity within. Connecting to our core self, to our whānau, friends and to our natural environment. We invite you to join us for an integrative experience and re-connection with yourselfContinue Reading Psychologists are texting with patients in the bush to try and take better mental health care to isolated parts of Australia. The program, which is a joint initiative between Virtual Psychologist and Aussie Helpers, is designed to offer people free, personalised assistance on a device most have in theirContinue Reading

Brisbane military veterans turn to yoga to ease post traumatic stress disorder Mr Stevenson began practising yoga as a coping mechanism and became a qualified instructor in November last year. He introduced free classes for both veterans and emergency service workers to help bring peace to his peers. “IContinue Reading TATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — A central Pennsylvania psychologist who used “touching therapy” on two female sexual trauma patients will spend three to six years in prison. State prosecutors say the therapy really amounted to sexual abuse. Fifty-four-year-old Richard Lenhart, of State College, was sentenced Thursday in Centre County.Continue Reading Clinical researchers in Emory’s Veterans Program will study the use of virtual reality exposure therapy to treat people suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to military sexual trauma. The virtual reality exposure therapy system, called BRAVEMIND, has been used to treat combat-related PTSD in veterans of Iraq andContinue Reading For the past five months, seven prisoners clad in orange have been meeting weekly at the department for rehabilitation for drug addicts at the Hasharon prison. They are all victims of sexual assault and are participating in a pioneering support group called “trauma and recovery.” In prison they talkContinue Reading