At his home, police found images of a young boy being sexually abused by an adult male. Both of their faces had been cropped out but the boy had a distinctive henna tattoo on his chest and a mole on his tummy. It wasn’t until the Argos team obtainedContinue Reading When Marti was 18 years old, she attended a frat party. Most of the attendees were drinking alcohol at the party, as although they were underage they probably used a fake ID maker to allow them to purchase it. Everyone was having a good time, Marti included. Unfortunately, herContinue Reading

Facebook says traditional Maori tattoo breached community standards Auckland tattooist Hirini Katene has been left disappointed and puzzled after a video showing his recent work – a pūhoro (traditional Maori body tattoo) which covers most of his clients lower body – was removed by Facebook, who claimed it breachedContinue Reading