While an increasing number of survivors of sexual assault have been brave enough to tell their stories since the #MeToo movement began last year, we still seldom hear from male victims. Aucklander Robert Tennent is one man changing that. The 19-year-old has rediscovered himself, and his sexuality, after aContinue Reading Andy Connolly, from Survivors UK, said victims were beginning to feel they would be believed but there was still a “massive wall of silence”. A 2015 survey estimated about 96% of offences against males go unreported. Mr Connolly, chief executive of male rape and sexual abuse charity Survivors UK,Continue Reading Recovered memories can occur for survivors of all ages who have experienced a variety of traumas. However, certain aspects of this case made Wehner and Lancaster especially likely to experience memory lapses. When incidents of abuse occur repeatedly, it’s easy to assume that would mean a person is moreContinue Reading