Survivor-controlled research shares the core principles of the user/survivor movement (p.23). Above all, it values first-person experience which it considers a true and legitimate source of evidence. The service user/survivor movement and survivor research both aim at restoring credibility and authority to those who have been historically deprived ofContinue Reading

WARNING: This video series has graphic descriptions of rape, sexual violation, substance abuse and discusses suicide and self-harm. It is recommended for adult audiences only. Terry, 65, is in a small garage out the back of the Canterbury Mens’ Centre. He is tall but slightly hunched. His face is careworn,Continue Reading One of the most important things to consider is how much courage it takes to admit what violations were perpetrated upon someone’s body and mind. There could be numerous reasons why a person would hesitate to report the crime; fear of exposure, loss of status or career, coming intoContinue Reading The man whose claims of a VIP paedophile ring sparked a £2m Scotland Yard investigation targeting pillars of the establishment has been charged with 12 counts of lying to detectives and receiving £22,000 in compensation through fraud. The claims by “Nick”, made first in the media and then toContinue Reading

"There is no disgrace in being a survivor….the shame is on the aggressor" — Angelina Jolie — MaleSurvivor (@MaleSurvivorORG) May 19, 2018 While it is indisputable that the vast majority of survivors of commercial sexual exploitation are female (likely around 98 percent, according to the International Labour Organization),Continue Reading Kirton said the party did not tell police, the victims’ parents, the prime minister, or other senior Labour Party MPs in order to keep the circle small, and not risk further distress to the victims. Kirton said the decision to take this “victim-led approach” was based on the LabourContinue Reading