We also know that men over the age of 60 are those most likely to die by suicide. Some of this may be a response to chronic pain and declining health. But many of these deaths are no doubt an indictment of how we treat older men and olderContinue Reading The statistics are clear. Police suicide callouts are increasing by about 9 per cent every year, while 111 calls for the next tier of mental distress rose by 77 per cent between 2009 and 2016. Canterbury experienced the lowest call increase, at 29 per cent, while in the TasmanContinue Reading — Better Blokes (@BetterBlokesNZ) August 9, 2017 The analysis, reported in the journal Clinical Psychology Review, represents a summary of 40 years of research on the subject. “We compared people who had been sexually assaulted with those who hadn’t and found a significant difference in mental health,” said EmilyContinue Reading

Overview 2013 A total of 508 people died by suicide in New Zealand in 2013, accounting for 1.7% of all deaths. In 2013, the highest rates of suicide were for males, Māori (especially Māori youth), youth aged 15–24 years and those living in the most deprived areas. The age-standardised suicideContinue Reading “Over the last eight years I believe we’ve seen a shift in society’s preparedness to have a more open conversation about suicide, but we are not seeing any movement in what is an unfortunate static annual figure.” Despite millions of dollars of government investment, national advertising campaigns urging peopleContinue Reading