A baby giant panda named Long Zai made his public debut in Guangzhou in south China, weighing 3 kilograms. The giant panda's mother Long Long was the first giant panda born in South China. https://t.co/7ZsjHGoPGD pic.twitter.com/t2UZdvBfzk — ABC News (@ABC) September 22, 2018Continue Reading

http://sobserver.ws/en/14_12_2016/local/15400/I-am-sick-of-being-sick-and-hurting-others!.htm I am sick of feeling stuck with no way out! The catalyst for change came when I saw my excessive drinking, abusive behavior, infidelity, lack of motivation and depression for what it is – unfinished business. I sabotaged my marriage. I blamed other people for my inappropriate behavior. AndContinue Reading