What parents must know about child sex trafficking #StopAbuse #HumanTrafficking #ChildSexAbuse https://t.co/QFEaGQdBRY — Stop Abuse Campaign (@AbuseStoppers) January 11, 2017 —–I’ll Know a Sex Offender When I See One– This story implies our friends and family are automatically safe- one stranger was this mother’s undoing. Most children are sexually abusedContinue Reading

We all want to prevent child sexual abuse in our families. But do we know how? #StopAbuse #Parenting https://t.co/qAOyDGvypx — Stop Abuse Campaign (@AbuseStoppers) February 19, 2017 Prevention. Intervention. Recovery – the keys to stopping child sexual abuse and its lifelong effects. Most of us would agree that preventing aContinue Reading