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U.S. voters are suffering from battered spouse syndrome

Trump, like the bully boy perpetrator of domestic violence he is, has set the bar for his public behaviour so low that even the wooden,…

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Neurological connections in the brain controlling speech production

Illustration of the neurological connections in the brain controlling speech production. (… https://t.co/fkhe8QVsWp pic.twitter.com/Q4ErjqGqDq — PsyPost.org (@PsyPost) March 19, 2017 Illustration of the neurological connections…

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Democracy and Freedom of Speech

From ‘SEDITION, A FREE PRESS, AND PERSONAL RULE May 7, 1918’ by President Theodore Roosevelt #NotTheEnemy pic.twitter.com/9NMeBSV1xC — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) February 18, 2017

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