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Eight strategies for coping with loneliness 1. Start each day with a 5-minute gratitude practice. Take the time to cultivate a gratitude practice, which is an appreciation of something meaningful to you. 2. Livestream fitness classes.  Exercise has tremendous benefits on physical and psychological health by reducing stress and uplifting mood.  Participating in zoom classes connects you toContinue Reading Here are the psychological profiles of people who are shy, avoidant, and unsocial: Shy people: Are anxious about anxiety. They are afraid of being afraid. Are more likely to engage in physical aggression than people who are not shy. Are more likely to engage in relationship aggression than peopleContinue Reading

The most competitive countries are also the most progressive — World Economic Forum (@wef) February 19, 2018 For example, returning back to the mismatch between respective levels of GDP per capita and GCI ranks for Kuwait and New Zealand, SPI reveals that although, as mentioned, Kuwait enjoys significantlyContinue Reading

Uber helps those with mental health issues – what are they left with now? But my research suggests that Uber has been providing a valuable – and currently irreplaceable – service to those living with mental ill-health. Anyone who’s suffered from depression knows the physical, mental, and emotionalContinue Reading Another approach is longitudinal, measuring narcissism and social media use over time and seeing if they are mutually reinforcing; that is, whether narcissism predicts increased social media use and whether that, in turn, predicts increasing narcissism. At least one study shows this pattern. It might also be the caseContinue Reading

Patients with a history of suicidal acts have different brain response to social exclusion — (@PsyPost) July 23, 2017 Previous studies have found people who are vulnerable to suicidal behaviour have deficits in several brain regions and cognitive processes. For example, suicide attempters demonstrated increased activation of theContinue Reading Indonesian finance minister Bambang Brodjonegoro recently announced that all internet-based services will be required to pay local taxes and obtain “permanent establishment” status. The latter can be in the form of either a representative office or full-fledged company. He compared the arrangement to that already shared by Indonesia andContinue Reading For Dunbar, there’s a simple explanation for this: In the same way that human beings can’t breathe underwater or run the 100-meter dash in 2.5 seconds or see microwaves with the naked eye, most cannot maintain many more than 150 meaningful relationships. Cognitively, we’re just not built for it.Continue Reading