Social media as medication

Do you seek reassurances from your virtual friends? Do you use social media for emotional escape?  Why Knowing Our Attachment Style Matters In The Digital Age | Psychology Today 1. Practice mindfulness in interactions. Do you often feel insecure with a romantic partner or feel anger and distrust with your best friend? Do youContinue Reading

Socially anxious people learn more from negative social feedback, study finds — (@PsyPost) January 11, 2018 “So it is really important to understand how self-perception and feelings about the self (i.e., state self-esteem) are fluctuating over time and how those dynamics differ between people,” Koban told PsyPost. “WeContinue Reading Like most emotions, there is a spectrum running from healthy to decidedly not. Nervousness in unfamiliar social environments is normal, and it is distinct from shyness, which is not defined by a sense of uneasiness. It becomes problematic when it causes a level of distress that starts to affectContinue Reading

Do you have social phobia? | – Kyle MacDonald (@kylemacd) September 28, 2014 If you feel overwhelmed by these extreme feelings, it’s likely you are suffering from social anxiety disorder or social phobia. This kind of phobia is an anxiety disorder that causes a person to feel soContinue Reading