Quit smoking— hundreds of Northlanders have and others are urged to follow suit as part of their New Year’s resolution. That’s the message from the Northland District Health Board which says a further 10 per cent hike in taxes on cigarette and tobacco products from today should be anotherContinue Reading

Smoking harms not just your physical health, but your mental health too – (@PsyPost) May 22, 2017 It’s thought that a long-term build-up of the toxic chemicals involved in smoking a cigarette can damage the brain, leading to deficits in learning and memory. Long-term smoking has been linkedContinue Reading The researchers, whose work is published in the JAMA medical journal, wrote: ‘In this study of adolescents, having vape juice more frequently was associated with a higher risk of more frequent and heavy smoking six months later.’ They found that of those who never vaped at the beginning ofContinue Reading Plain packaging is meant to reduce the overall attractiveness of tobacco products. Some countries have adopted drab colors for the packs. These moves have also increased the noticeability of the current tobacco health warnings that are on the packages. In addition, banning trademarks, logos, and other design features isContinue Reading A study released this week suggests women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to rear children who are involved in delinquency. The Australian Institute of Family Studies reports 12- to 13-year-olds whose mothers smoked frequently during pregnancy were 18% more likely to engage in crime than those whoseContinue Reading The figure is stark: 42% of all cigarettes smoked in England are consumed by people with mental health problems. So while the life expectancy of the general population continues to climb, those with a severe mental health problem have their lives cut short by up to 30 years –Continue Reading

Cooperation by health services can help people to give up smoking – @DrChrisBullen in Thailand’s @nationnews — NIHI New Zealand (@NIHI_NZ) October 22, 2014 Assoc Prof Chris Bullen, director of the National Institute for Health Innovation at Auckland University, said that the Quitline to help people kick the habitContinue Reading