One of the most important things to consider is how much courage it takes to admit what violations were perpetrated upon someone’s body and mind. There could be numerous reasons why a person would hesitate to report the crime; fear of exposure, loss of status or career, coming intoContinue Reading Things have gotten to a point where casual low-level male-bashing is a constant white noise in the hip progressive online media. Take a recent piece on Broadly, the women’s section of Vice, titled, “Men Are Creepy, New Study Confirms” — promoted with a Vice Facebook post that said: “Are you a man? You’reContinue Reading

Headteachers need to stop shaming schoolgirls for having short skirts Shared from Google News & Weather One of the challenges facing any school is how to adapt uniforms to contemporary fashion and life. It remains a challenge, but thank goodness progress has been made (otherwise girls would still beContinue Reading The article in question, which is based on a report from Radar Online, claims that there is a Hollywood celebrity who has HIV, and that he has knowingly been sleeping around without telling his sexual partners. This has apparently led to a “Hollywood HIV Panic”. As someone who livesContinue Reading