Guilt and Shame Resulting from Sexual Abuse ( Sexual abuse can be a very traumatic and painful experience. Shame and guilt are emotions that most commonly result from any form of sexual abuse. Loss of self respect, low self-esteem, intense sense of betrayal, powerlessness, rage and anger at self andContinue Reading

And the problem is growing worse every year since this happened to her. She reports that from 2012 to 2013, there was an 87 percent increase in calls and emails related to cyberbullying in the UK. And of those recipients how many were shamed to the point of depression, fearContinue Reading A picture of fourth grade teacher Patrice Brown went viral on Twitter and Instagram Sunday, accompanied by the hashtag #TeacherBae. In the picture, above, Brown is wearing a form-fitting pink, knee length dress. Initial responses to the photo all hinged on how attractive Brown looks, but backlash came quickly, withContinue Reading

NZ teen says she considered sewing her pyjamas up to stop a man sexually abusing her De Vries was in July convicted of three counts of indecent assault, and two sexual violations against two girls, Stuff reported. The 39-year-old used Old Testament bible verses about how if a womanContinue Reading