Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) has increased during the COVID-19 crisis, in both online and offline worlds. Yet its identification through the child protection system remains minimal, despite continuing growth in police reports of sexual crimes against children. Why is this? And can it be changed? As one English support charityContinue Reading Childhood abuse is unfortunately a common problem. In 2008, an estimated 772,000 children in the US were victims of maltreatment, with 120,000 substantiated cases of physical abuse and 70,000 of sexual abuse 1. The lifetime prevalence rate of physical abuse according to the National Comorbidity Survey is estimated at 16.5%Continue Reading

Jenna Quinn is a child sexual abuse survivor, author, and the force behind Jenna’s Law. Jenna’s Law was the first child sexual abuse prevention education law in the United States named after a survivor to require that each school district adopt and implement a prevention policy that educates students, teachers,Continue Reading The following aspects are – as shown in existing studies for an overview see [27,28] – the hallmarks of a successful prevention program: –  Prevention measures are directed primarily at adults and only secondarily at children and youth; this puts the responsibility for the protection of minors from sexualContinue Reading