They’re alarmed by the kindness and love shown by people they were told were ‘wicked and evil’,” Gregory said. “That is their overwhelming feeling.” Gregory said there are many hurdles for the brainwashed victims. “They just can’t believe they were lied to about people out here; that you canContinue Reading Police claim Laidlaw exchanged phone numbers with the student, who was enrolled in her hip hop dance class, before the pair exchanged text messages and communicated through Instagram and Snapchat, the paper reported. The content of some of the messages shared between the pair was sexually explicit, police allege.Continue Reading A former house mistress who unlawfully had sex with five male students at an elite NSW school has been spared further jail time after receiving an “extraordinarily lenient” suspended sentence. “I am sure that at least the complainants’ parents will think my sentence is manifestly inadequate,” said Acting JudgeContinue Reading

However, Leonard, described as one of the most dangerous registered sex offenders in Lancashire, appealed against that decision. A detective revealed that Leonard had said his ideal partner would be aged between 12 and 14 and the only reason he was not acting on his desires was because of hisContinue Reading Justice Matthew Downs said in his decision public protection was the highest priority and “given the risk posed by Mr van der Plaat, an order is necessary”. However he said because of van der Plaat’s dementia and his age a 10-year order would be “excessive”. He instead opted forContinue Reading

A detective was able to remotely download 500 images located on the Auckland man’s computer, through a peer-to-peer file sharing website. The material contained explicit child sex abuse, including 16 videos which were the most serious of its kind, the court was told. One of the images viewed by theContinue Reading Allred goaded President-elect Trump to deliver on his word during a press conference in Los Angeles with Summer Servos, the Celebrity Apprentice contestant who claims Trump made inappropriate sexual advances towards her in 2007 when she was vying for a job at the Trump Organization. Servos said her businessContinue Reading The thing about sexual assault is that, although it’s incredibly common, it is also incredibly isolating. Fear of victim blaming or not being believed keeps many of us from speaking out. Furthermore, few choose to define themselves as survivors. I am so much more than the victim of aContinue Reading