To answer some of these questions, look outside your own relationship with these insecurity-fostering people. How do they relate to others and what do others do in their presence? Do you sense that others, too, are made to feel small? Once you realize that is them and not you,Continue Reading

Why you should learn to accept compliments: — TED Talks (@TEDTalks) August 23, 2016 Many of us recognize the value of improving our feelings of self-worth. When our self-esteem is higher, we not only feel better about ourselves, we are more resilient as well. Brain scan studies demonstrate thatContinue Reading By age 5 children have a sense of self-esteem comparable in strength to that of adults, according to a new study by University of Washington researchers. Because self-esteem tends to remain relatively stable across one’s lifespan, the study suggests that this important personality trait is already in place beforeContinue Reading