I’ve had friends who’ve been very successful with online dating, I’ve had some not so good experiences,” Meredith told CNN. “I just kind of feel like maybe online dating might not be for me. I mean there are a lot of scammers out there.” Psychologist Lisa Strohman, who specializesContinue Reading International students in south Auckland have been targets of sex scams to blackmail or rob them, police say. Inspector Nga-Wati Chaplow of Counties Manukau police said “honey trap” websites were being used to target mainly Indian students. The students were then either blackmailed or robbed. “There are websites whereContinue Reading So-called Hindu ‘witch doctors’ have some in the Auckland Indian community living in fear of black magic curses, with claims the issue is wide-spread and has been going on for decades. Complaints have been rolling into NZME today after claims ‘healers’ in South Auckland have charged thousands of dollarsContinue Reading