On his new Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World,”​ the enigmatic scientist uses a video about ice cream to demonstrate the craziness of so called gay ‘conversion therapy’. Because when there’s ice cream involved, even the most ignorant will listen. We are enlightened by forward thinking, but notContinue Reading

Crash Bandicoot Is a Vietnam War Vet With PTSD, According to The Onion Shared from Google News & Weather “So many video games glamorize the violence of war, but few acknowledge the trauma that soldiers face long after they leave the battlefield-until now,” reads a line from the video’sContinue Reading In my experience, using your consciousness to observe and process every single piece of information that comes at you just makes you want to punch someone. Mindfulness is now so prolific that you can buy books on mindful eating, mindful art or being more mindful at work (mindfulness isContinue Reading

British satirist @iamjohnoliver mocks the New Zealand flag debate — News (@NZStuff) November 3, 2014 British political satirist John Oliver has compared New Zealand’s black silver fern flag to that of a vegetarian pirate ship. And he’s offered alternatives to the present design such as a bungee-jumpingContinue Reading