The rise of urban terrorism is not a departure from recent European history but a return to the norm. The exceptional period was the late 1990s, when there was relative peace in our cities. But before then, various political groups regarded the slaughter of innocent civilians as a legitimateContinue Reading

Why “home” has become more of a feeling than a physical place – Psychology Today (@PsychToday) July 2, 2017 Over my past six decades, I’ve moved more than a dozen times, and even though this number seems high to me personally, statistically it’s normal. There are forever people wantingContinue Reading

“You used to have worries about predators, but now it’s more worry over how people treat each other online,” Magid said. Magid added that safety for young people is one of the key themes this year. From cyber bullying to sexting, he said that young people have to be “empowered”Continue Reading